Our new life in Cali (so far)…

Hey fam! It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve posted, and I wanted to give ya’ll a recap of what we’ve been up to. We are about 90% moved in and settled. It was tough fitting everything into 700 sqft.

before 2before

Not really ready to show the ‘after’ pics just yet. But I’ll get them up as soon as we put on those finishing touches. I know. It’s been 2 weeks. It’s a slow process.

I will say, the location and the view is amazing.

roof toprooftop 2

I mean, really?? This view is unbelievable.

We headed back into the desert last Friday to check out something we missed while we were in Joshua Tree on the way here. The Integratron. This is a super weird structure located in Landers, CA that was built in the 70’s by this guy, George Van Tassel. The story goes, he was spending a lot of time in the desert and was visited by an extraterrestrial who gave him the plan for this place for purposes of cellular rejuvenation and time travel. Crazy! He apparently died before it could be completed. We came for a quartz bowl sound bath. What the hell is that, you ask? Basically, you lay in savasana while several quarts crystal bowls are being played. They correlate with your chakras for alignment and healing. It’s really not as weird as it sounds. It was amazing. Bonus: due to the building’s shape and structure, the sound bounces in all directions and sounds incredible. Highly recommend. Although, if you do, make sure you have 4 wheel drive. We had to off road for a bit, which isn’t normal, but there was construction, and we were late!

integinteg 3integ 2

After the sound bath, we found this place in the middle of nowhere. But apparently, it’s a kindof famous place that has really great shows! They have been around since the 1980’s and have had a crap-ton of cool people play here. We will be back…


Other than that, we have been exploring our little beach town and getting acclimated. Huntington Beach has been really fun, crazy, cool, and exciting. Check back soon for more adventures!!



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