Day 7 and 8 // 6.11.17

Woah. The past couple days have been crazy. I’ve been without wifi so i’ve been unable to post! Here’s the recap.

Friday, we went to Joshua Tree National Park. OMG. This place. It is unreal. These funky little trees look like a cross between a palm tree and a cactus. There were also these huge rocks. I mean, look at that!

johsua tree rocks

All the colors here were so vibrant. Check out the color of this sky. No filter needed.

joshua tree josh

This would be a great place to camp and spend more time. I’d really like to check out some of the more challenging hikes. We will definitely be back.

After spending the day at Joshua Tree, we went back to our little apartment to get ready for dinner. We went to the Joshua Tree Saloon. The food was decent and they had pool tables and live music. The perfect ending to our day.

Saturday, we woke up relatively early to get packed up. Today is MOVE IN DAY!!! We will no longer be homeless! That is, IF the POD actually arrives. I mean, two days ago, they didn’t even know where it was. Trying to remain positive. No need to manifest shit going wrong.

I don’t think Mr. P wanted to leave. He had settled into our little apartment and even had some good window views!

joshua tree p

I thought the drive would only be two hours. It was three. And Mr. P had had enough of the car. He threw a temper tantrum just like a toddler. This is him digging and shoving his head aggressively into my overnight bag. So much for folded clothes.

mad p

He finally came around.

mad p 2

We got to the apartment with enough time to unload the car and get Pushkin set up. And then, guess what? THE POD ARRIVES!

pod ca

Hooray! We have stuff!!

We hired a couple guys to help us unload. However, they were a little late. They were supposed to be there between 4-5pm. They got there at 8:45. Oh well. We got the shit unloaded and was in bed (finally) at midnight.

Next steps: trying to figure out how to squeeze all of our crap into 700 sq ft….



Day 6 on the road // 6.8.17

Last night’s dinner was amazing. We started with warm smoked olives. Josh does’t even really like olives but he ate these! They were unreal. I’m definitely gonna have to try creating these with my smoking gun once we settle into the new place. I also got a huge kale salad it felt so good to feed my body the nutrients it has been lacking!

After dinner we stopped into a cute little spot called Rendezvous for some after dinner drinks. I had a cocktail made with turmeric, local honey, and black pepper. It was like a boozy, clear version of golden milk. Another thing I’ll have to experiment with recreating! Always good to equal out the bad with the good right?

This morning, we took it easy and finally got packed up and on the road around 11:30. It always takes so much longer to get the car packed than we think. We stopped at the Firecreek Coffee again today because it was so good! Plus, we needed a caffeine hit before the six hour drive to Joshua Tree. Next door to Firecreek, there is a shop called Crystal Magic. It was filled with every kind of crystal you could want! We stocked up on sage, palo santo, and citrine to clear out and neutralize the energy from our new apartment’s previous tenants. Really feeling the California vibe now! 🤗

Again, Mr. P was a great traveler and was asleep before we even got out of town.

Six hours to Joshua Tree. Ugh…

We had heard that you will be stopped at the California boarder for inspection. Apparently, you aren’t allowed to bring fruits, veggies, most plants, and ferrets into the state. Weird, huh. But boarder control? How do they stop and search everyone that comes into the state??? I kinda thought that was BS. Until…

ca boarder

Holy crap, it’s a real thing. We were both nervous!! I don’t know why. We didn’t have anything illegal. I did bring a couple house plants. And while Mr. P isn’t a ferret, I was a little nervous for him. I have no clue where all his papers are at this moment. We pulled up, the guy asked if we had any fruit or vegetables. And then waved us through. That was it. Anticlimactic.

Through the desert. Another place that seems like it could be another planet. The drive was easy and uneventful except for one thing…

Josh called the POD company to find out what time the POD will be delivered tomorrow. Wait for it….he didn’t have our delivery on the schedule. Then he couldn’t find our POD at all! WHAT THE FFFFFFFF????? We really just drove across America and this guy lost our POD??? After Josh lost his shit on this guy, he finally found it and informed us it would be delivered on June 20. 😐 Hello, it’s June 8th. I start work June 19th. After another break down on Josh’s end, they said they could get it to us on Saturday. All of this was happening while we were sitting on the side of the road because Josh was afraid we would lose signal in the desert. We had just gotten off I-40 and onto Route 66. We were also almost out of gas. And we had this ahead of us:

edited desert 2

A whole lot of nothin. We found a gas station about 15 miles ahead. We pulled up to Roy’s and there were people everywhere. Laying in the road, taking pictures, etc. WTF was this??? Was this some famous place? We had no idea. Oh, and the gas was $5.00/gallon. For regular. The lady that came to pump our gas (cause you weren’t allowed to do it yourself) said this was in fact a tourist attraction because it was Route 66 and Roy’s has been in a lot of movies. She said the sign was the most photographed sign in the world right now!



Hold up. Second bump in the road….every hotel I called for our stay tonight doesn’t allow cats! I literally called every major hotel chain in Twentynine Palms! I finally came across this small locally owned hotel called Sunnyvale Garden Suites. This little place is very unique. And for what we paid, it is very spacious! We even have a full kitchen! Hell yes. Maybe I can get back on track a little!

The only downfall (so far) of The Sunnyvale that I can see right now is their wifi sucks ass. So if my posts are short and without many photos, thats why. I’ll update them when I can.


edited desert


Day 5 on the road // 6.7.17

Early wake up call from Mr. P this morning at 4:30am! It is 6:30 his time after all. Seems he’s back to his old self. He will never let you sleep in. It’s all ,”mow mow mow it’s time to get up!”. I was planning on getting up at 5am anyway to make it to a 6:15 yoga class at The Yoga Experience. OMG. It was just what I needed. It’s amazing how tight you can get from sitting in the car for 5 days. The instructor, Erin, was amazing. I seriously could not have asked for a better class. After class, I popped around the corner and got an almond milk latte at Firecreek coffee. Holy shit, I love experiencing a city in terms of yoga, coffee, and food. I know, so basic. But I seriously don’t give AF!


After this incredible morning, we showered up to head to the Grand Canyon! The Grand Canyon is one of those places you have to visit at some point in your life, right? I had been there with my mom and brother about 15 years ago, but sadly, I didn’t really remember much. It’s about an hour-ish drive from Flagstaff. We left Mr. P in the hotel. We planned to stay the night here again and I’m sure he was happy to have a day off from traveling.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most breath taking things I’ve seen. It’s insane how large this thing is. There is really only one draw back that I can think of…I’ll explain below.

grand canyon 2

I mean, look at that thing!!!!!

We got to the park about mid-day and parked at the visitor center. There was a 3 mile “easy” trail we decided to do. It really was just a side walk that hugged the south rim. In hindsight, I would have rather done one of the more adventure trails…which brings me to that one draw back…people. There was people everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! If you are planning a trip, trust me…go in the off season…if there is an off season. Or if you have the means (which we don’t 😆,) take the helicopter service.

Next time we go, we plan to raft the Colorado River. You can do a several day trip, and from what I understand, it’s not for…wimps (for lack of a better word).

Overall, we did have a great time!!

Grand canyon 1

We are currently getting ready for dinner. After lots of Googlizing, we’ve decided to go to Shift Kitchen. It looks like just the right mix of casual atmosphere and interesting food. I’ll report back on how is was.

Oh, and as for Mr. P. He’s doing just fine. 😸

p in bag



Day 4 on the road // 6.6.17

We got a late start on the day because we got to bed so late last night. We had dinner at a place in Albuquerque called Mas Tapas. It was the first good dinner we’ve had since being on the road. We have been eating a lot of “road food”. This place had some great veggies. We got the Brussels (of course), grilled artichokes, and a really fresh crisp salad. That’s really the only draw back of traveling like this. It’s so hard to stay healthy! They had a roof top bar and enjoyed some post dinner wine. We didn’t get to sleep until like 1:00am (thats 2:00am Central time ya’ll).

Driving West on I-40 out of Albuquerque is so beautiful. There was even a storm off in the distance and we could see the lightening. I’m not going to post the pictures I took of it because it just doesn’t do it justice. Seeing things like that is only good seeing it with you own eyes (channeling Local Natives).

Mr. P seems to know the car is for sleeping. As soon as we get going, he is out. He doesn’t even do his WTF face anymore!

pushkin day 4

Our first stop of the day was Continental Divide. Officially crossing over to the West.


On to The Petrified Forest National Park. If you’ve never been here before, you need to go ahead and put it on your list. It is magnificent! You almost feel like you’re on a different planet. The Painted Desert looks like it does because of the mudstone and standstone rocks called the Chinle Formation. Long story short, after millions of years, continental shifts, and erosion, you get what you see here. Pretty cool!

painted desert 2

Again, pictures really just don’t do it justice.

painted desert

So the Petrified Forest isn’t really a forest (Josh). But it used to be. When we had just one continent (Pangea), this area was located around where Costa Rica is now. So it used to be lush jungle type forest. Once it broke apart it landed (roughly) where is it now. The trees were buried and over time the wood crystalized into quartz. Crazy!

quartz wood.JPG

log josh

After leaving the forest, Mr. P didn’t look so hot. I think because of the elevation along with all the curvy roads…he puked. Poor buddy. We just had one more quick stop before we got to Flagstaff.

The Meteor Crater. A meteor hit several million years ago (or something like that) and left this evidence. Scientist continue to study it to better understand our universe. Just to put the size in perspective, it could hold 20 football fields. WHATTTT!?!?


Just a quick 30 min drive to Flagstaff. Hang in there Mr. P! When we got to the hotel, we provided him with some kitty weed (catnip) and he was content.

P flagstaff.JPG

We were so exhausted we just ordered room service and hit the bed. Day 4 in the books.



Day 3 on the road // 6.5.17

We started the day yesterday with a hike at Palo Duro State Park. We decided on the Sunflower trail because it was relatively short (about 3 miles total). It felt really nice to get some actual exercise! We really needed it after being cooped up in the car for the past couple days.

The Sunflower Trail was beautiful with lots of wild flowers and cacti. We spotted a wild turkey, rabbits, and a roadrunner (not sure i’ve ever actually seen one of those)!

There were these really cool rock formations that were left after the prehistoric oceans receded (or something like that). Those white veins are mineral deposits. So cool!

After the hike, we headed back to the hotel to get packed up and back on the road. Mr. P seemed pretty pissed and didn’t really talk to us the entire day! He’s so moody 🙄

Our last stop in Amarillo was the Cadillac Ranch. It’s an art instillation on the side of the road created in 1974. Visitors spay paint their marking.

On to New Mexico. The old Route 66 was a jumpin’ spot back in the day, but after the I-40 was built, it pretty much took all the business away. A lot of the businesses have closed over the years and the ones still there are really struggling. I found the TeePee Curios online and decided we had to visit. It’s in Tucumcari, NM and used to be a gas station (I think) but now it’s a really cute souvenir shop. We got lots of junk for our nieces and nephews back home!

We also stopped along the Route for some lunch at the Pow Wow Restaurant and Lizard Lounge 😄 😆  The food was just ok but we met some really cool bikers that were going from Detroit to California and back. AND we learned that a bear was stuck in a tree down the block and it was all anyone in the town was talking about. AND we found this local beer, Alien Ale, that made us question if we should divert our journey and head down to Roswell.

pow wow

We decided to stay on track. 😄

I had heard of the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa where the water is crystal clear and you can jump off the rocks into this fresh spring water. What better way to get a little refresher from the drive? The Blue Hole was not far from the I-40. When we got there, a storm was rolling in and they close it down if there is lightening. We had to be quick! We both were able to get in a quick jump right before they blew the whistle. FYI fresh spring water is F-ing freezing! That was my cryotherapy right there.

Because it was overcast/rainy, you really can’t tell how beautiful the water was. 👎🏼

On to Albuquerque. Along the drive, we noticed these mountain ranges to our right and left. We both were unsure what mountains those were. Mountains in New Mexico? My geography is not the best…what mountains are those?

After Googlizing, we learned there are like 87 mountain ranges in NM. Oops. Now we feel smart and worldly. These that you see above are the Sandia-Manzano Mountains. According to Wikipedia, they define the eastern edge of the Rio Grande Valley. They get some pretty good snow for winter skiing. Are we the only ones who didn’t know this? Seriously, comment and let us know!



Day 2 on the road // 6.4.17

OMG we got the BEST sleep last night! Maybe it was just being finally finished with the house and actually getting some road behind us. Maybe it was the relief that Mr. P isn’t going to be (as much) of a travel issue as we had feared. I don’t know, but it was great. Pushkin even slept in the bed with us (which never happens)!

We still had a good six hours of driving to really get to the spots we wanted to stop. And it rained…no…it down poured on us the majority of the time.


You know how you when you drive through crap like that and then finally get passed it and feel like you need a nap? So stressful!!! Shout out to Josh for getting us through that!

We stopped for lunch at The Green Chili Kitchen. It was right outside OKC and was on the old Route 66. It had outside seating so we could watch the car. Mr. P had been sleeping so we thought we’d leave the car running and just keep an eye on it. It’s the first time we left him in the car like that. GEEZ!!!!!!!! Good thing we don’t have kids we would be horrible! Hello, helicopter parenting. That kid would be so spoiled.

Anyway, the restaurant was really good. Plus, it had a really cute free library!  I had the tamale and it was so yummy I forgot to fully document it! A true sign of good food when you forget to instagram 😆


Oh, and as for Mr. P? He didn’t even notice we were gone. 😄

sleepy p 2.JPG

I mean, who knew he was such a good traveler???

On to Amarillo, TX. We had planned to see the Cadillac Ranch, but it’s apparently closed on Sunday 👎🏼 . We went on to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park but didn’t have too much time. Thinking about going back tomorrow (sans Mr. P) for a hike. This place is GORGEOUS! It’s located in Texas and is the second largest canyon in America (behind the Grand Canyon, obvi).

palo duro.JPG


Currently, waiting on Josh to bring back take out from My Thai, a Thai restaurant that is literally like the only local place open on Sunday in Amarillo. I’ll report back tomorrow on how it was. Hope everyone had a great Sunday-Funday!!


Update: My Thai was really good. Waaaaaaaaayyyy too much food. We totally should have split an entree. I got the yellow curry tofu and veggies. It was 🔥..

Nighty night!

Day 1 on the road to CA // 6.3.17

We started off with a very full car at around 8:30 Saturday morning. And when I say the car was full, I mean you could literally not put anything else in that thing! I sat cross legged with Pushkin in my lap. Clearly, not going to work. We decided we had to do something. Josh’s Jeep has those rail things on the top so getting a cargo carrier shouldn’t be a problem right? After several trips around town we finally got it figured out.

So at about 12:30 we finally really got on the road…just a day and a half behind, no biggie! 🙄

We had been really worried about how Pushkin was gonna do in the car. A little background on our Mr. P: We adopted him from Friends of Rescue about three years ago. He had been abandoned by his previous owners. Because of his past traumas, he is a seriously anxious little guy (or big guy…he is 14 lbs after all…). When he gets nervous, he will hold his urine. He has held it for up to two days!! When this happens, Josh has to massage his bladder. Seriously. I think he likes it…weirdo. Our vet didn’t recommend getting him “the good drugs”. All we have are these “composure treats” which i’m not sure actually do anything.

He was pretty chill in his carrier, but soon decided he needed to explore. This is his WTF is going on face.

P face.JPG

But soon he found a comfortable spot of pillows and blankets. He slept pretty much the entire way to Arkansas.

P sleepy.JPG

Look at that sweet face!!!

Overall, even though day 1 had a rocky start, things are going pretty smooth and we are enjoying the ride. 😎


Once we get more into the western states, we will be stopping to see some more interesting things along the way. Looking forward to day 2! Check out my insta stories for real time happenings! Love you all!!

Update: Josh wants me to clarify that it’s Mr. P that likes the bladder massage. Not Josh. lol 🙃