Day 4 on the road // 6.6.17

We got a late start on the day because we got to bed so late last night. We had dinner at a place in Albuquerque called Mas Tapas. It was the first good dinner we’ve had since being on the road. We have been eating a lot of “road food”. This place had some great veggies. We got the Brussels (of course), grilled artichokes, and a really fresh crisp salad. That’s really the only draw back of traveling like this. It’s so hard to stay healthy! They had a roof top bar and enjoyed some post dinner wine. We didn’t get to sleep until like 1:00am (thats 2:00am Central time ya’ll).

Driving West on I-40 out of Albuquerque is so beautiful. There was even a storm off in the distance and we could see the lightening. I’m not going to post the pictures I took of it because it just doesn’t do it justice. Seeing things like that is only good seeing it with you own eyes (channeling Local Natives).

Mr. P seems to know the car is for sleeping. As soon as we get going, he is out. He doesn’t even do his WTF face anymore!

pushkin day 4

Our first stop of the day was Continental Divide. Officially crossing over to the West.


On to The Petrified Forest National Park. If you’ve never been here before, you need to go ahead and put it on your list. It is magnificent! You almost feel like you’re on a different planet. The Painted Desert looks like it does because of the mudstone and standstone rocks called the Chinle Formation. Long story short, after millions of years, continental shifts, and erosion, you get what you see here. Pretty cool!

painted desert 2

Again, pictures really just don’t do it justice.

painted desert

So the Petrified Forest isn’t really a forest (Josh). But it used to be. When we had just one continent (Pangea), this area was located around where Costa Rica is now. So it used to be lush jungle type forest. Once it broke apart it landed (roughly) where is it now. The trees were buried and over time the wood crystalized into quartz. Crazy!

quartz wood.JPG

log josh

After leaving the forest, Mr. P didn’t look so hot. I think because of the elevation along with all the curvy roads…he puked. Poor buddy. We just had one more quick stop before we got to Flagstaff.

The Meteor Crater. A meteor hit several million years ago (or something like that) and left this evidence. Scientist continue to study it to better understand our universe. Just to put the size in perspective, it could hold 20 football fields. WHATTTT!?!?


Just a quick 30 min drive to Flagstaff. Hang in there Mr. P! When we got to the hotel, we provided him with some kitty weed (catnip) and he was content.

P flagstaff.JPG

We were so exhausted we just ordered room service and hit the bed. Day 4 in the books.




Day 1 on the road to CA // 6.3.17

We started off with a very full car at around 8:30 Saturday morning. And when I say the car was full, I mean you could literally not put anything else in that thing! I sat cross legged with Pushkin in my lap. Clearly, not going to work. We decided we had to do something. Josh’s Jeep has those rail things on the top so getting a cargo carrier shouldn’t be a problem right? After several trips around town we finally got it figured out.

So at about 12:30 we finally really got on the road…just a day and a half behind, no biggie! 🙄

We had been really worried about how Pushkin was gonna do in the car. A little background on our Mr. P: We adopted him from Friends of Rescue about three years ago. He had been abandoned by his previous owners. Because of his past traumas, he is a seriously anxious little guy (or big guy…he is 14 lbs after all…). When he gets nervous, he will hold his urine. He has held it for up to two days!! When this happens, Josh has to massage his bladder. Seriously. I think he likes it…weirdo. Our vet didn’t recommend getting him “the good drugs”. All we have are these “composure treats” which i’m not sure actually do anything.

He was pretty chill in his carrier, but soon decided he needed to explore. This is his WTF is going on face.

P face.JPG

But soon he found a comfortable spot of pillows and blankets. He slept pretty much the entire way to Arkansas.

P sleepy.JPG

Look at that sweet face!!!

Overall, even though day 1 had a rocky start, things are going pretty smooth and we are enjoying the ride. 😎


Once we get more into the western states, we will be stopping to see some more interesting things along the way. Looking forward to day 2! Check out my insta stories for real time happenings! Love you all!!

Update: Josh wants me to clarify that it’s Mr. P that likes the bladder massage. Not Josh. lol 🙃

Why we decided to move to California

We got a lot of mixed reactions when we told people we were going to move. I’d say most of the responses were not positive. Why would we move across the country when we have almost all of our friends and family in Alabama? Why would we go when we both have good jobs and a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in a nice neighborhood? Why aren’t you staying put and having a truck load of kids and following God’s plan??? WHY!?!?!

As Liz Phair said, “in some ways it’s just something to do”. We don’t really want to have kids. And if we don’t have kids, then why are we living 2 miles from where we were born “grinding it out in suburbia”? There’s a great big world out there. Why aren’t we going out and seeing it? I know, I know. You can always travel. But it just not the same! Working all year long so you can take a week vacay isn’t really seeing the world. It’s just not. So, while we are still (relatively) young, we decided to do it.

We had been talking about this off and on for awhile. I was actually starting to think it was never going happen. But things started falling into place in April of this year. We put our house on the market and it sold within a month. I got a job right in the area we were thinking about going.  We found an amazing (but tiny!) apartment with an ocean view. My friend, Vanessa, once referred to Josh as my ‘adventure buddy’. I’m fairly sure this will be our biggest adventure yet!


I will say, saying goodbye to my family and my lady tribe was the hardest. These people are the absolute best.

family pic