Day 7 and 8 // 6.11.17

Woah. The past couple days have been crazy. I’ve been without wifi so i’ve been unable to post! Here’s the recap.

Friday, we went to Joshua Tree National Park. OMG. This place. It is unreal. These funky little trees look like a cross between a palm tree and a cactus. There were also these huge rocks. I mean, look at that!

johsua tree rocks

All the colors here were so vibrant. Check out the color of this sky. No filter needed.

joshua tree josh

This would be a great place to camp and spend more time. I’d really like to check out some of the more challenging hikes. We will definitely be back.

After spending the day at Joshua Tree, we went back to our little apartment to get ready for dinner. We went to the Joshua Tree Saloon. The food was decent and they had pool tables and live music. The perfect ending to our day.

Saturday, we woke up relatively early to get packed up. Today is MOVE IN DAY!!! We will no longer be homeless! That is, IF the POD actually arrives. I mean, two days ago, they didn’t even know where it was. Trying to remain positive. No need to manifest shit going wrong.

I don’t think Mr. P wanted to leave. He had settled into our little apartment and even had some good window views!

joshua tree p

I thought the drive would only be two hours. It was three. And Mr. P had had enough of the car. He threw a temper tantrum just like a toddler. This is him digging and shoving his head aggressively into my overnight bag. So much for folded clothes.

mad p

He finally came around.

mad p 2

We got to the apartment with enough time to unload the car and get Pushkin set up. And then, guess what? THE POD ARRIVES!

pod ca

Hooray! We have stuff!!

We hired a couple guys to help us unload. However, they were a little late. They were supposed to be there between 4-5pm. They got there at 8:45. Oh well. We got the shit unloaded and was in bed (finally) at midnight.

Next steps: trying to figure out how to squeeze all of our crap into 700 sq ft….



Day 6 on the road // 6.8.17

Last night’s dinner was amazing. We started with warm smoked olives. Josh does’t even really like olives but he ate these! They were unreal. I’m definitely gonna have to try creating these with my smoking gun once we settle into the new place. I also got a huge kale salad it felt so good to feed my body the nutrients it has been lacking!

After dinner we stopped into a cute little spot called Rendezvous for some after dinner drinks. I had a cocktail made with turmeric, local honey, and black pepper. It was like a boozy, clear version of golden milk. Another thing I’ll have to experiment with recreating! Always good to equal out the bad with the good right?

This morning, we took it easy and finally got packed up and on the road around 11:30. It always takes so much longer to get the car packed than we think. We stopped at the Firecreek Coffee again today because it was so good! Plus, we needed a caffeine hit before the six hour drive to Joshua Tree. Next door to Firecreek, there is a shop called Crystal Magic. It was filled with every kind of crystal you could want! We stocked up on sage, palo santo, and citrine to clear out and neutralize the energy from our new apartment’s previous tenants. Really feeling the California vibe now! 🤗

Again, Mr. P was a great traveler and was asleep before we even got out of town.

Six hours to Joshua Tree. Ugh…

We had heard that you will be stopped at the California boarder for inspection. Apparently, you aren’t allowed to bring fruits, veggies, most plants, and ferrets into the state. Weird, huh. But boarder control? How do they stop and search everyone that comes into the state??? I kinda thought that was BS. Until…

ca boarder

Holy crap, it’s a real thing. We were both nervous!! I don’t know why. We didn’t have anything illegal. I did bring a couple house plants. And while Mr. P isn’t a ferret, I was a little nervous for him. I have no clue where all his papers are at this moment. We pulled up, the guy asked if we had any fruit or vegetables. And then waved us through. That was it. Anticlimactic.

Through the desert. Another place that seems like it could be another planet. The drive was easy and uneventful except for one thing…

Josh called the POD company to find out what time the POD will be delivered tomorrow. Wait for it….he didn’t have our delivery on the schedule. Then he couldn’t find our POD at all! WHAT THE FFFFFFFF????? We really just drove across America and this guy lost our POD??? After Josh lost his shit on this guy, he finally found it and informed us it would be delivered on June 20. 😐 Hello, it’s June 8th. I start work June 19th. After another break down on Josh’s end, they said they could get it to us on Saturday. All of this was happening while we were sitting on the side of the road because Josh was afraid we would lose signal in the desert. We had just gotten off I-40 and onto Route 66. We were also almost out of gas. And we had this ahead of us:

edited desert 2

A whole lot of nothin. We found a gas station about 15 miles ahead. We pulled up to Roy’s and there were people everywhere. Laying in the road, taking pictures, etc. WTF was this??? Was this some famous place? We had no idea. Oh, and the gas was $5.00/gallon. For regular. The lady that came to pump our gas (cause you weren’t allowed to do it yourself) said this was in fact a tourist attraction because it was Route 66 and Roy’s has been in a lot of movies. She said the sign was the most photographed sign in the world right now!



Hold up. Second bump in the road….every hotel I called for our stay tonight doesn’t allow cats! I literally called every major hotel chain in Twentynine Palms! I finally came across this small locally owned hotel called Sunnyvale Garden Suites. This little place is very unique. And for what we paid, it is very spacious! We even have a full kitchen! Hell yes. Maybe I can get back on track a little!

The only downfall (so far) of The Sunnyvale that I can see right now is their wifi sucks ass. So if my posts are short and without many photos, thats why. I’ll update them when I can.


edited desert