Vegas, Baby.

Let me start by saying that I am not a Vegas person. This will be the third time to Vegas and it’s always fun, but…a little overrated…in my humble opinion anyway.

That being said, we had an amazing time for my birthday. We met some of our very good friends from back home, Lisa and TJ. These girls are so incredible and so much fun. They were already planning a trip for their 25th anni and since we were close AND it was my bday we decided to make a weekend out of it. It was a nice 3.5-ish hour drive from Orange County through the desert. God, I love the desert.


Friday night, we met them at Joe’s. We didn’t realize it at the time but Josh and I had actually eaten at a Joe’s in Miami. They have the best stone crab. I got the sea bass and holy crap it was so good. Melt in your damn mouth. 🤤


After dinner, what else would you do in Vegas? Gamble, obvi! Actually, I don’t gamble. Not because of any moral issue…i’m just poor 😬

I did find out that you aren’t supposed to take pictures on the gamble floor. That’s how much of a rookie I am! Oops. I actually got in trouble for this one….


Saturday, we spent the day at Caesar’s pool. It was hot AF. Literally like 110 degrees. Thank God for the pool. And the buckets 🤗 🍻

me in the pool

Somehow, we survived the heat and made it to dinner and our show. Lisa and TJ got tickets for Circ du Soleil’s Micheal Jackson One. OMG so good. I wish I would have been able to get more pics, but they were pretty strict about the no photography thing, and I mean…I’ve already been in trouble!!
mj one

We really have to thank Lisa and TJ for making my birthday so incredible. The best thing about Vegas is, there is so much to do besides gamble. The restaurants, shows, shopping…so much fun. And even better with friends!

me and josh at pool